Zee Zunnur

What have you been up to since graduating LCDS?

Auditioning was quite a big theme after graduation and I was blessed with a full-time contract with the junior company of Hofesh Shechter Company, Shechter II. We are currently doing our world tour of SHOW and premiered in Italy, March 2018. 

How would you say your training has helped you to get to where you are today?

I’ve been part of a few workshops and restaging of works with the Hofesh Shechter Company during my time at LCDS and the opportunities the school offered has definitely honed my skills towards the audition upon graduation. The other experiences I had with other artists and choreographers have directly and indirectly influenced my style as a movement artist.

Do you have any advice for young dancers?

Grasp every opportunity even if it seems unbeneficial at first as you never know what they have to offer to your artistic and life pallet. Learning what you do not like, allows you to discover what you do like. The challenging ones are the biggest learning curbs most of the time. Even though everything might seem overwhelming as we are vulnerable and sensitive to all the changes we are receptive to, always remember to keep it fun for yourself. Always have that inner child within you and ENJOY this journey you can call yours to own! Lastly, keep a journal and archive it all in the most fun way to look back at it at some point.

What did you find most inspiring or unexpectedly useful whilst at LCDS?

Finding my passion in creating site-specific works was definitely one of the biggest lessons I had in LCDS. The tools I gained to connect with the self and extended elements outside the studio, makes me look at this thing we call dance in a more 4-D way. An intensive lighting design course we had in second year also assisted me in understanding the theatre setting in a more 4-D way and helped me a long way as a performer relating to the space around me. Last but not least, I was introduced to the Gaga language that opened up a whole world of possibilities of the body and exploring the depth of the mind. Through Gaga, I explored and develop movement qualities that are honest to me. All in all being at LCDS boosted my confidence to be a dancer and accepting the limitless possibilities that I was capable of.