Yuen Cheung Chan (FrancisJohn)

Francis John Chan has recently arrived from Hong Kong. He was trained as a biologist and was a Marine Biology research personnel. Now, he is switching his inquiry into life towards a more artistic perspective, especially contemporary dance.​

FrancisJohn is greatly intrigued by the concept of "body keeps the score”, which discusses how personal history transforms one’s physiology, and influences a performer's quality of movement. He hopes to investigate a dancer’s ability in drawing memories into performance and hence executing a certain quality of movements.

Through dance and movement, FrancisJohn is investigating how we can strengthen our understanding in both inner and outer universes, build a sense of community, translate scientific knowledge and develop a flexible, strong and expressive physicality.

With Ghost Chan, FrancisJohn has founded The Devisers Company in 2017. They have been developing artworks of varying media, with dancers, actors and many others, through the mode of devised theatre. They have presented an original full-length work named "RLDU" in Hong Kong, with a reception of two full house nights in August 2018.