Tue 19 Sep

Touch Wood 2017

Botis Seva, Lola Maury, Lizzie J Klotz and Sivan Rubinstein


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Experience the birth of an idea and help shape performances by offering informal feedback as artists try out fragments of their latest work in early stages of development.

See work by Botis Seva, Lola Maury, Lizzie J Klotz and Sivan Rubinstein

Sivan Rubinstein

A solo which embraces the connections between learning difficulties and creativity.  

We always hear about the disabilities of learning difficulties. Sivan Rubinstein started a research in 2013 which uncovers the abilities and the attributes.

"Each time I'm writing it feels like I'm advancing into a a new territory" (Jacob Derrida). 'A study for change' starts with the exploration and the joy of the fear of writing, The fear of the empty blank paper. 

Lizzie J Klotz

'Fawn' is an exploration into the concept of pleasing, specifically as an instinctive response to fear, threat and failure. Why do we seek to please? Is it to be kind? To love? And for who? As a solo dance theatre work, ‘Fawn’ draws parallels between the relationship of pleasing another, pleasing an audience and pleasing oneself.

Botis Seva

Living in a frenzied hierarchy, our tolerant British society are overthrowing any social order and sense of peaceful harmony.

Lola Maury

It all started with a question: ‘How can we create a space for the audience to listen?’

Since then we have found ourselves dreaming up a strangely discordant and ‘out of tune’ universe.

Continuing a long-term collaboration with Sound Designer Alberto Ruiz, this piece for three dancers will be Lola’s first full-length dance work.

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Summer 2017

Touch Wood 2017

Every summer The Place sees dozens of artists occupy the building to make and develop new work. Touch Wood gives the audience a chance to see new and unfinished ideas and offer informal feedback, a