Fri 15 Sep

Touch Wood 2017

Lea Tirabasso, Humanhood, Jennifer Malarkey, James Wilton and Amy Bell


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Experience the birth of an idea and help shape performances by offering informal feedback as artists try out fragments of their latest work in early stages of development.

See work by Lea Tirabasso, Humanhood, Jennifer Malarkey, James Wilton and Amy Bell

Amy Bell

What happens when opposing fronts sweep across the shifting landscape of the gendered body? How do desires to foresee, intervene in or surrender to unpredictability affect identity in flux? Our research has been about riding the blustery winds of aspiration, becoming and transformation, hoping the umbrella doesn’t get turned inside out. 


‘Tours’ will be Humanhood’s first group piece, following three successful duets. The idea of this work is not only in the choreography which will draw from the philosophy of the company’s exploration into Western physics and Eastern mysticism, but also in articulating

a unique movement quality that will run rich and deep into the dancers bodies. The live accompaniment is by E.I.F (Earth is Flat), Humanhood’s latest collaborators who will compose the music for this new production.

Léa Tirabasso

"There is the ancient, religious idea that man is the unhappy combination of beast and god: if only we were divine, we would be liberated, immortal spirit; if only we were beast, we could be content in our instinctive ignorance." The Human and the octopus, Thomas Stern

The Ephemeral life of an octopus will explore the emotional and physical collision of life and death within our reproductive organs.

James Wilton

We have spent time researching our next work The Storm, focussing on exploring narrative.

Jennifer Malarkey

This week has been the first few days working with a new creative team on a brand new idea. We have been exploring how bodies listen differently and have spent part of our week in residence at The Wellcome Collection’s Reading Room, meeting audiences, researching the science of the idea and sharing ideas.

Times: 7.30pm
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of Summer 2017

Touch Wood 2017

Every summer The Place sees dozens of artists occupy the building to make and develop new work. Touch Wood gives the audience a chance to see new and unfinished ideas and offer informal feedback, a