Thu 10 Dec to Wed 1 Dec

MA Screendance Films: 2019 - 2020 Cohort


MA Screendance Films: 2019 - 2020 Cohort

Here are four brand new screendance films created by our MA Screendance students; Tal KronkopRuby Gadsby, Molly Ann Pendlebury and Ruby Gray. These films were supported by the guidance of module leader and screendance pracitioner Dr Miranda Pennell. 


Operation in Space by Tal Kronkop

Find a place

Find a posture of rest and effort

What do you see?

Director: Tal Kronkop

Tel Aviv Crew - 
Performer: Eynav Rosolio
Cinematographer: Avi Siman-Tov
Assistant: Sharon Kronkop

London Crew -
Performer: Tal Kronkop
Cinematographer: Emily Munster Camera
Camera Assistant: Noa Livnat

Outside it's Always Autumn by Ruby Gadsby

A multidisciplinary mix of poetry, performance and film. Exploring the embodiment of memory in response to a Kafka’s The Blue Octavio Notebooks

‘Everyone carries a room about inside him’ 

Choreography and Videography: Ruby Gadsby
Writing: Maggie O'Brien
Performers: Maggie O'Brien, Catherine Jones
Stylist: Richard Gadsby
Assistant: Ash Davies
Poem: Blue Octavo Notebooks by Franz Kafka

Droner by Molly Ann Pendlebury

Alone during corona, one man is suddenly haunted by an unfamiliar creature.

Choreography and Videography: Molly Ann Pendlebury
Performer: Louis Allen
Music: Steve Reich, Electric Counterpoint. Arranged and performed by Nicolas Pendlebury for electric viola.

I exist. by Ruby Gray

A visualisation of support explored through the physical relationship of the performers as they gently assist an individual through abstracted every day activities. A touching work, not only in the narrative but also through the literal contact work of the performers, with themes and issues that are very impactful in a world that is now defined by distance. Even if it is not always visible support is always there. A little nudge, a helping hand.

Director/ Choreographer/ Cinematographer: Ruby Gray
Performers: Dhama Lythgoe, Sloan Caldwell, Kitty Pilgrim-Morris, Fiona MacBride
Production Assistant and Cinematographer: Tal Kronkop
Composer: Talia Morey


Times: 19:00
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: Online