Introduction to Somatics with Susanne Lahusen


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Somatic practices have been an integral part of movement and dance since the early 20th century. In recent years, neuro science has validated many of the ideas and methods that somatics pioneers often struggled to develop under adverse conditions. We will look at the history, philosophy and scientific and experiential aspects of somatics, and explore practical elements that might support us in our understanding of our bodies, and hopefully lead to a healthier and less stressful life in movement.

Teacher's biography

Susanne Lahusen’s interest in somatics started when she helped to set up a collection on the early 20th century Central European Dance, and started to explore the roots that led to the various somatic practices of today. She has a BEd in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and the Alexander Technique. She currently teaches somatics at LCDS, trains yoga teachers for Yogacampus, she runs experiential anatomy and yoga sequencing courses, and also works as a private movement practitioner. Whilst respecting the unique characteristics of the various disciplines which she has studied, Susanne’s approach to teaching has evolved from an awareness of the elements that are fundamental to all movement.

Times: 13:30-18:00
Duration: 270 mins
Venue: at The Place

This event is part of LCDS PG 1130 50G