Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Elena Cappelletti

What’s left are vibrations


What’s left are vibrations

This project is about a system, a cycle, a community, a relationship that is built on and supported by tension. An (almost) invisible thread that connects everything in an intricate net of vital and impermanent vibrations.   

The Project includes pre-recorded videos that you can access by clicking on the links and a 15 minute live stream session.

The videos show a series of studies on Tension recorded last week in Italy. 

A story about tension and release is narrated in a short performance streamed live from my room in London, where I am now in Quarantine.

“When you experience the vibration of your breath and you truly recognize the vibratory quality of everything you encounter, when you feel constant change in all that is going on around you right now, then you have deep insight into the meaning of life” Richard Freeman.

Join me for the live stream short performance on Mon 22 Mar and Tue 23 March at 1:30pm, 2:30pm or 3:30pm.

Materials and/or objects used: Chairs, cello metal strings, a cello and cello bow, a cello stand, metal rings, a wrist supporter, a lamp, mics

Performance and video editing: Elena Cappelletti 

 Video editing and sound: Lucas Jordan

Performers: Lucas Jordan, Giuseppina Ragni, Lorene Franco, Fernando Jordan

Poetry by Katherine Manfield

Text: Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Music: B.A.Zimmermann Cello Sonata


Venue: Online

Extended Project

Across two days, 13 artists from our Developing Artistic Practice pathway at London Contemporary Dance School share their research and practices, facilitat