Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Charly Monreal




Decontextualizing and presenting borders dispossessed from their territory, in Jane Bennetts’ words, “…as vivid entities not entirely reducible to the contexts in which (human) subjects set them.” BRDRLNDS explores a journey from Sudan to the UK, conveying the liquidity, insecurity, and moveable character of borders. Decolonizing the mental framework around the concept of border.  


Human actants assemblage:

Wasig Zaid

Georgia Rowan

Charly Monreal 

Human actants assemblage:
Vibrant Matter, Jane Bennett
The Promise of Happiness, Sara Ahmed
The Cultural Politics of Emotion, Sara Ahmed 
Liquid Modernity, Zygmunt Bauman 
Mona Hatoum's work on Borders.
Non-human actants assemblage:
Cardboard box, shipped from the UK.
Natural Jute Twine, shipped from China.
Gall-Peters equal-area 
projection map, shipped from Spain.
Nylon Fishing Line, shipped from China.
Natural Yellow paint (Turmeric, packed in the UK. Salt, packed in the UK. Water)

Venue: Online

Extended Project

Across two days, 13 artists from our Developing Artistic Practice pathway at London Contemporary Dance School share their research and practices, facilitat