Mon 22 Mar to Wed 23 Mar

Carly Oskar

Then I Try Some More


Then I Try Some More

Then I Try Some More is a two-part piece that investigates the queer lived experience and what a queer identity currently exists as and can become. The ideas of climbing, lengthening, stripping, collecting, and, ultimately, falling are all critically explored in variety and profundity using the materiality of ropes, varied articles of clothing, and firmly expanding trees.

As a queer identity largely assigns a person to social and socioeconomic hardship, I have queered the viewers’ experience of the relationship between visual imagery and auditory landscape. Yearning to one day linger in the moments of sitting atop a tall tree, bask in the warm air gliding against bare skin, and maybe to swing from a branch and, somehow, never tumble down.

Please wear headphones to fully immerse yourself into the films. 

Materials and/or objects used: Rope, various fabrics, rubber boots, white sneakers, trees in Bushy Park and Abbey Wood Ruins in London, leaves in Regents Park in London, plastic chair, electrical tape, wooden floor at The Place, wooden ballet barres at The Place, metal wall brackets, iPhone 11, camera tripod

Concept and Performance: Carly Oskar

Videographer for outdoor film: Eleanor Hann

Sound score: Regents Park pedestrians


Venue: Online

Extended Project

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