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London is a fantastic city to be a student in and living in your own home away from the University is part of the experience.  Even though for most students, living in London will be a very positive experience, students often find the prospect of finding private sector housing daunting.

London is distinct from most other places in the UK when it comes to private accommodation for students because it is not usually possible to arrange your accommodation far in advance of starting your course. This is a great thing as it gives students plenty of time to think about their accommodation options and decide on the best one. Most students find their accommodation about 1-2 months before moving in.

London Contemporary Dance School have enlisted the services of the University of London Housing Services (ULHS) which run a private housing service for many students in London. Both current students and those with an offer to study can access these services.

The ULHS can offer advice to students on how to find accommodation, which areas to consider, what the options are, pricing and more. They produce a London Student Housing Guide which a vast amount of information on how to search and secure accommodation in London which is also accessible online here.

They have an online database of accommodation offers from registered landlords and letting agents which operates throughout the year. These offers include flats and houses for groups as well as rooms in shared flats and houses.

The ULHS works with a number of other providers of accommodation including short-term providers and Private Student Halls of Residences.

Finally, the ULHS offers housing advice which includes offering a contract checking service which allows students to have their contracts for private accommodation checked before they sign. They also offer legal advice should students get into any difficulty in private accommodation.

If you have any questions about finding accommodation in London then please contact ULHS by email, visit their website or call  +44 (0)20 7862 8880.

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