The Students’ Fund

LCDS encourages applications from talented students regardless of their background or financial circumstances. For this reason, we created The Students' Fund, which distributes grants to students in need of additional financial support. The high physical and academic demands of our programmes, alongside the hours of training required, make it very difficult for students to hold part-time jobs that fully cover their study costs. These awards make a real difference to those who might otherwise not have the resources necessary to take up a place or complete their training.

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, students are some of the most disproportionately affected groups in our society. The need for the Fund is greater than ever. Applications have doubled and we have no endowed student support funds to draw on and rely solely upon generous contributions from trusts and individuals to help our students through their training.

The Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund is part of The Students' Fund and helps talented students to complete their studies and take advantage of new performance opportunities. Students are selected on the basis of technical ability, choreographic potential or their contribution to the life of the School.

Please consider making a contribution to the Fund online. A donation of any size will make a huge difference to our students’ lives.

The Students’ Fund 


Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund

The Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 by Anthony Van Laast and Pernille Charrington in memory of Anthony’s late mother.