Finance & Student Services

Support for Disabled Students

London Contemporary Dance School welcomes disabled applicants and students.  

A disability is any long-term physical or mental health condition, sensory impairment or Specific Learning Difference (e.g. Dyslexia) which has an impact on day-to-day life or study. 

With evidence of a disability, we can recommend Reasonable Adjustments to a student’s learning and teaching. Even if you don't think of yourself as having a disability, it is worth considering whether you might be entitled to support, especially if you’ve had support in the past, such as exam arrangements at school. 

A legal definition of a disability can be found here

Reasonable adjustments during our application process: 

If you require Reasonable Adjustments during the application process, please contact Cindy Cheung, Admissions and Registry Manager via email or telephone: 020 7121 1111.

Reasonable Adjustments for your studies:

We encourage applicants who have been made an offer to contact us with medical or diagnostic evidence of their disability prior to starting at LCDS by emailing this to Student Wellbeing email account

Disabled Students’ Allowances:

If you have a disability and qualify for student finance support you may also be eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs).  

The support you can receive through DSAs can include: 

  • Specialist equipment, for example a computer if you need one because of your disability 
  • Non-medical helpers, for example: 
    - A British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter if you have a hearing impairment 
    - A Specialist Study Skills Tutor if your disability means you struggle with learning  
    - A Specialist Mentor if you have mental health needs related to your disability (or have an Autistic Spectrum Condition). 
    - A Note-Taker 
  • Certain travel expenses if your disability means require special travel arrangents to, for example if you need to travel by taxi 
  • Other disability-related study support, for example having to print additional copies of documents for proofreading.

A range of software options (sometimes called ‘Assistive Technology’) are usually awarded for students with Specific Learning Differences to help with time management and visual planning 

Applying for DSAs:

You should apply to one of the following agencies for your DSAs: 

Please contact these agencies directly if you are unsure of your eligibility. Overseas students are not eligible for DSAs.