Finance & Student Services

Student Services

London Contemporary Dance School has a strong tradition of providing student care and support services and commits considerable resources to this purpose.

Many students who are embarking on training at the School will be living away from home or abroad for the first time and may face a number of challenges during their training. We aim to provide the necessary services to help all students overcome these and ensure that the highest level of individual care is offered.

Services provided to students include:

  • medical support - access to GPs, specialists, physiotherapists, osteopath, etc
  • counselling - students can arrange to speak in confidence to a counsellor
  • housing - advice and support in finding suitable accommodation
  • learning support - support and assessment for dyslexic students and support for students whose second language is English
  • finance planning support - assistance with budgeting skills and financial management

Disabled Students

London Contemporary Dance School welcomes applications from disabled people and judges applicants solely on their talent and potential to develop the skills required for their chosen profession. We are committed to welcoming and supporting disabled students and encourage applicants to inform us about their disability so that appropriate support can be put into place as soon as possible.

The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama's booklet about Support for Disabled Students has more information about our policies and provision. A copy can be downloaded using the link below, or you can request a printed copy by calling telephone 0207 387 5101 or emailing

Care Leavers

London Contemporary Dance School is committed to admitting and supporting students from all backgrounds. As part of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, we offer financial support to care leavers in the form of cash bursaries. Full information about bursaries and other support can be found on the Conservatoire website, or you can download the Support for Care Leavers leaflet using the link below.