Student Life & Experiences at LCDS

Student Life & Experiences at LCDS

During your studies with us, you will become a part of our community at London Contemporary Dance School, and more importantly you will be able to immerse yourself in various student activities and clubs, such as the student-led ‘Idea in Action’ initiative; a platform for students' own creative work.

"We have the opportunity to work with a lot of different practices. We have academic approaches to dance and creative classes. LCDS is also in London which gives us a lot of professional, cultural and networking opportunities." LCDS undergraduate student

Venetia, a student from Singapore, talks about her experience at London Contemporary Dance School 

The students here, the teachers here, everyone is like family to me, so I think that was really helpful in adjusting to the London life.

After leaving their job in audit and consultancy in Tokyo to study contemporary dance in London, we caught up with how it was going for third year undergrad Sari Mizoe:

There are no textbooks you can just read and follow because dance is so versatile...you really have to find what you want to do and what you are interested in.

Shing Yan Jason Yip, an undergraduate student from Hong Kong, talks about what it was like to start at London Contemporary Dance School and move to the capital city of England! 

"It was much less intimidating than I thought. It felt like I was moving from one big city to another with me being originally from Hong Kong. I was used to the pace of city life".

"I remember the first day of induction and I walked into the room and everyone was sat there were people who I knew were as passionate about dance as I was, and that to me was so refreshing to be able to create and dance with my fellow member of London Contemporary Dance School."

Olivia Arizmendi, an undergraduate student from San Franciso, California, talks about the what it was like to move to the UK; what was new, what was exciting, what was strange. She also speaks about the highlights of her time so far at London Contemporary Dance School. 

“For me, something that was quite amazing to discover was the tube system. The system is amazing, trains come really fast and you can get anywhere in the span of 45 minutes with the touch of an Oyster Card!”

"What’s exciting about the UK? Definitely the diversity of people in London. Is something that I have been enjoying. There is so much good food from all around the world. You are constantly hearing people speak different languages. And LCDS is also really international, so it’s a great chance to get to know about other cultures and learn new languages”

Student Blogs

Dancer from Australia and LCDS student, Hana Kato tell us about her experience as an international dance student in London.

LCDS student Tania speaks about her experience of moving from Singapore to London to study dance.