Stošija Zrinski

Stošija was born and raised in Zadar, Croatia, where she danced in Zadar Dance Company as a part of youth ensemble. She graduated from Fashion Design at the University of Zagreb.  In the same year she became a member of Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and started to work as a freelance dancer and teacher and performed for many independent projects. Stošija has worked as a teacher in Zadar Dance Company and choreographed multiple full-length works for youth and young adults, such as: Dialogue of Body and Soul, Show Show Show, Colour, Tropical Society. She has also worked as a teacher in Shadows Dance Theatre and choreographed Four Seasons. In recent years she has been exploring solo work, creating projects such as; From a child’s drawing, Cloud Deluxe, 18 degrees below the Horizon, which often explore the use of experimental video. Recently she performed in Fronesis Arts Organization’s projects and played an acting role in a children’s plays within Theatre Budilica.