London Contemporary Dance School has a teaching faculty of international stature, with unrivalled connections to the professional dance world, and whose combined skills offer students a vibrant, stimulating learning experience of the very highest standard. The management and faculty of the School are among the world's leading practitioners and thinkers in dance. By involving practising artists in all aspects of teaching and curriculum development, the School ensures that the curriculum is constantly interrogated and refreshed to embrace new movement styles and reacts to the demands of the art form. Staff are frequently invited to work within other institutions (in the UK and around the world) which means our staff are able to see others' practice as well as share their own.

Many of the school's staff are practising artists, and they are encouraged to continue to develop their professional practice. Lecturer Jeannie Steele, former dancer and rehearsal assistant with Merce Cunningham is one of a handful of people in the world licenced to remount the chorographer’s work. In 2014 she remounted 10 pieces of Cunningham choreography for Rambert Dance Company’s Rambert Event which was shortlisted for a theatre award. Another choreography lecturer, Rick Nodine frequently choreographs opera at Glyndebourne whilst another, Jovair Longo mounts work in Brazil.

Each year the School commissions a balance of new and revived or re envisioned works, which pepper the school years and the schools programme of study. The staff at London Contemporary Dance School all have histories of innovation in curriculum design/teaching and they thrive on the challenge provided by the students each year.

For information about staff vacancies at London Contemporary Dance School, and other job opportunities at The Place, see www.theplace.org.uk/vacancies.