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LCDS Bursaries

UK based undergraduate students can apply for a LCDS Bursary, which is based on household income and assessed through the Student Loans application. LCDS also recognises that students who have spent a period of time being looked after by the State can face many additional obstacles to accessing and succeeding in higher education. Furthermore, young people who are estranged from their parents, but who never entered the UK care system and thus are not deemed ‘care leavers’, face many of the same financial and pastoral barriers. A Care Leaver and Estranged Student bursary can provide support of up to £1,000 bursary per year of study to care leavers and students estranged from their parents. 

How do I apply for an LCDS Bursary?

If you wish to be considered for an LCDS Bursary, you need to indicate as appropriate on your application form to LCDS. You then need to complete an application to Student Finance England (or its equivalent) as early as possible in order to be income assessed. Remember to allow consent to share information. This will allow LCDS to assess what level of support you may be entitled to.

The Students’ Fund

To alleviate some of the financial pressures that students face The Students’ Fund is a donor supported fund that exists to assist students with tuition, maintenance or other costs.

Any student, whether home, overseas, undergraduate or postgraduate can apply to the Fund demonstrating their financial need and individual circumstances and, in most cases, receive a sum of money to support them while they are studying.

Once a student has accepted their place at London Contemporary Dance School information on how to apply to this fund will be sent to them.  For more information on the Students’ Fund please email.

To find out how you can support students or to find out more about our Funds and Bursaries please visit our Student Fund page