The Programme

Programme Structure

The BA degree programme is designed to develop highly motivated, imaginative and  creative graduates, who will be ready to enter the profession as skilled, flexible, and responsive artists with an understanding of the realities of a career in contemporary dance.

As one of the most intensive and practically based vocational programmes available, it offers a unique range of studio based technique and creative activities. However, students are expected to stretch their minds as well as their bodies through a range of complementary courses which are usually taught through weekly seminars.

The programme is in two parts:

Year One

Provides students with strong groundwork in practical subjects and courses designed to enhance their training and encourage them to engage in critical discussion and debate about their chosen art form. Students are required to pass this year to proceed.

Year Two and Three

Students accumulate marks towards their final degree results. Year Two offers more advanced courses in the core areas and introduces courses which serve to integrate practical and theoretical work. Students are expected to pass each area of Year Two to progress to Year Three. In Year Three students select courses which concentrate on their chosen areas of interest.

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