Professional Development Opportunities with Postgraduate Students at LCDS

Nov - Dec 2019

Spread over three weeks, London Contemporary Dance School are opening up a series of postgraduate-level workshops on Somatic practice. Susanne Lahusen, Simonetta Allessandri and Aki Omori will lead workshops on Touch, Breath, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Body Mind Centering (BMC). These sessions are attended by students on our MA in Contemporary Dance, and therefore places are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Click the buttons below to find out more:

Mon 18 Nov

Looking at the history, philosophy and scientific and experiential aspects of somatics

Introduction to Somatics with Susanne Lahusen 

Tue 19 Nov

Looking at the anatomy of breath and the relevance of finding breathing patterns that serve and enrich us

Somatics & Breath with Susanne Lahusen 

Mon 25 Nov

Looking at how our habits might shape us, both in movement and thought

Somatics & Touch with Susanne Lahusen 

Tue 25 Nov

Exploring elasticity and fluidity as opposed to predominantly stretching and holding static postures 

Yoga as a Somatic Practice with Susanne Lahusen 

Mon 2 Dec 

Discovering how fluids can support and enrich our movement and expressions

Body Mind Centering with Aki Omori 

Tue 3 & Wed 4 Dec

The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic discipline which uses experiential learning to achieve a psychophysical awareness of the whole self 

2 Day Feldenkrais Workshop with Simonetta Allessandri