Policies and Procedures

Students at London Contemporary Dance School are also registered students of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (CDD). Courses commencing after September 2021 are validated by University of the Arts London (UAL).Courses of study which began before September 2021 are validated by the University of Kent.

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Conservatoire for Dance and Drama 

University of Kent 

University of the Arts London

Below are course summary documents and key policies and procedures that you should be aware of before the start of a programme of study. If you require any further information about these policies, please contact us.

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Course Summary Documents (courses commencing in 2022/23, validated by University of the Arts London)

Course Summary Documents (courses validated by University of Kent for entry in September 2020 / January 2021)

Policies and Procedures 

Conservatoire for Dance and Drama Student Related Policies

There are a number of student-related policies that are shared across the schools of CDD including:

  • Access and Participation Plan
  • CDD Mental Health Charter
  • Conservatoire Code of Behaviour
  • Criminal Records Policy
  • Data Processing Statement
  • Emergency Powers of Exclusion and Suspension
  • Inclusivity Policies and Protocols
  • Non-Academic Misconduct Policy
  • Prevent
  • Refunds and Compensation Policy
  • Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Related Behaviours
  • Student Complaints Procedure
  • Student Protection Plan
  • Student Transfer Arrangements Statement
  • Support Through Studies

These policies can be accessed here

The Place / LCDS Policies