Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund

The Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 by Anthony Van Laast and Pernille Charrington in memory of Anthony’s late mother. 

In honour of Peggy's life and love of dance, the Peggy Hawkins Scholarships are awarded annually to recipients selected on the basis of their technical skill, choreographic potential or contribution to school life. As well as providing the students with financial support, enabling them to complete their studies and take advantage of performance and workshop opportunities around the world, the students also receive invaluable advice and guidance from Anthony and Pernille. Both alumni of London Contemporary Dance School, Anthony has had an incredibly successful career as a West End choreographer and Pernille continues to teach dance.

Current students benefitting from Peggy Hawkins Scholarships:
Synne Lundesgaard, Yuma Sylla, Théïa Maldoom, Niall Egan, Blue Codrington-Makwana, Nichole Bennis, Bonni Bogya and Benjamin Curtis

Past scholars are Lewis Cooke, Bethany Edwards, Anders Engebretsen, Alethia Antonia, Reece McMahon, Olivia Sewell, James Chapman, Leanne Vincent, Sara Augieras, Micha Baltman, Parsifal Hurst, Mari Helena Colbert, Poh Hian Chia, Francis Johnson, Kit Brown, Eleni Papaioannou, Hannah Anderson-Ricketts, Alex Gotch, Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti, Declan Whitaker, Ellis Saul, Antonin Chediny, Laura Lorenzi, Jordan Ajadi, Joshua Attwood, José Torres Vasquez,  Aisha Naamani, Zsofi Liszkai, Jieying Nah and John Sawney.

On receiving his scholarship, recipient Benjamin Curtis said:

"I would like to thank the Peggy Hawkins Scholarship Fund for their support. The financial assistance will enable me to take additional classes and allow me to reduce my work commitments in order to focus on my training. 

The mentoring will be extremely beneficial to me as a dance artist so I can gain knowledge and advice from professionals that have made a successful career in the same industry that I would like pursue.”

Peggy Hawkins alumni continue to develop exciting careers. Companies they have worked with include EDge (the postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School), Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Motionhouse, National Dance Company Wales, Protein Dance, Scottish Dance Theatre, The Human Expression (T.H.E) Company, Singapore and Skånes Dansteater, Sweden. Others are teaching and choreographing around the world.