Our Vision

Our vision is to be an international leader in dance education, driving discovery and developing the art form.

Our mission is to create innovative and inspiring learning programmes that develop dance artists to the highest standard, preparing them to lead and shape the art form.

Through an intensive and rigorous dance education that combines high levels of studio work, with contextual studies, students are supported to go beyond what they currently know, to embrace risk and develop the physical, technical, creative and reflective skills needed to forge their individual artistic voice.

We cultivate deep-rooted connections with the dance industry, high calibre practitioners and international conservatoires to ensure that our curriculum is forward thinking and supporting the artistic voices that will lead and shape the art form and the world beyond.

We support our graduates to have successful careers that have international impact.

At the heart of what we do is the belief in the mutual benefit of training students alongside professional artists and companies.

We foster a creative, supportive, nurturing environment.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, friendly school with a dynamic energy

We embrace a respectful culture which values professionalism and diversity.

Creativity is at the core of the curriculum and at the heart of its delivery.

We value curiosity, commitment and passion to explore the endless possibilities of dance.

We identify and support the development of talent by creating the conditions for committed dance makers to thrive.

We strive for excellence across every aspect of what we do to ensure the highest standard of provision, knowledge, performance and teaching.