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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is about looking at the whole person, e.g. movement patterns, posture, lifestyle and energy levels. It is a natural and safe way of treatment that relieves symptoms of discomfort whilst seeking to identify the cause.

The LCDS Osteopathic Clinic operates one morning a week. 30 minute appointments are arranged through the Lecturer in Physical Support after an initial consultation. It is essential that patients are punctual as unlike most dance colleges, all treatments at LCDS Osteopathic Clinic are free.
During your visit to the Osteopath you will need to provide a brief case history about your current circumstances and your previous medical history. This will be followed by a physical assessment to ascertain the cause, form a diagnosis and decide how best to proceed.
Treatment will then follow which may include hands-on work, exercises, technical advice, further referral (if appropriate) and practical tips on how to best manage your injury. It is exceptionally rare, but occasionally we recommend an X-ray or MRI scan. Some financial support may be available to assist with the costs of a scan. This support can be accessed by contacting the Head of Student Support Services.
Your diagnosis and the advice provided will then be emailed to relevant staff so that they can support you through your process of recovery. Our main goal is to get you fully fit as fast and safely as we can.