Saskia Larcombe

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

Me and Zak in our Crevice and Patrice personas shrieking things like ‘WHERE IS MY NIECE... CREVICE!?’, ‘WHERE IS YOUR CREVICE, PATRICE?’ ‘I FLICKED MY NIECE ON YOU, CREVICE’ up and down the stairs of LCDS.

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

After graduation I intend to create work with my fellow graduates, to get funding and work in collaboration. I hope to get involved with Leah Majevoric’s future projects, starting with accompanying her on her workshop in Bordeaux, France in October 2020. Initially after graduation, when moving back to Devon I will generate work for myself by bringing contemporary dance workshops to my rural area of Harbertonford /local town of Totnes.  

In the future I would love to be a part of a weird and wonderful Dance Theatre Company/Collective - this is the dream! 

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