Venla Niitemaa

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

My most vivid memories are the most ordinary, everyday parts of my life at the school. All the deep conversations in the changing room, all the hours spent in body conditioning and all the daily gatherings in front of the timetable, trying to figure out who's in which studio. Sometimes it felt like you didn’t leave the school once during the week, and the smell of the studios, the hallways and the changing room was permanently imprinted to your skin. This makes me see what a huge part LCDS has been in our lives these past three years. We are now leaving the school without the last gathering in the building, and this makes me appreciate the memories I knew there. 

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

Next year I will go to Norway, where I was on exchange during the first term of my third year. I will study one more year and learn about the contemporary art environment in this country as well. In the future I hope to be involved in projects in different countries across Europe, doing workshops and maybe even learning one more language.

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