Lauren Jenkins

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

One of my favourite memories at The Place, has to be when Giorgina Pini and I had the chance to perform our music and choreography duet at the British Library during a “Knowledge Quarter” event. Little did we know that adapting our duet to the site would include a grand entrance down the escalators in our floor length dresses to the sounds of Meridith Monk. Finishing the performance off by fleeing up the concrete stairs into the distance. That, is just one of my truly iconic memories of LCDS.

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

As an artist I intend to always be invested, intrigued and involved with the commitment to strive in the development of personal and physical skills, always looking to advance beyond confinements in the outlook of pursuing more capabilities as a mover, performer and peer. Throughout these three years of training the others around me have been a great influence and I have really felt effected by the absence of their presence in this period of lockdown.

Overall, I wish to continue dancing, moving, grooving with such wonderful bodies in space and my ultimate aim is to be able to channel this kind of happiness within a career. I personally find joy in the physicality’s of moving, often finding myself delving into details of dynamics, intention and power.  

Come September, I will be beginning a new journey as a part of the EDGE postgraduate company. In the duration of this year I will be looking to further evolve my performance capabilities, physical form, creative responses and overall individual artist identity. I feel strongly that this is the right conclusion to close my chapter at LCDS and can’t wait to continue taking inspiration from the many people occupying this building.  


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