Thea Kallhed Gadefors-Moller

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

One of the best memories was during the six weeks of working with Rick Nodine for Improvisation into Performance (Feb show 2020). All the moments of laughter during this time were amazing, as well as the performance itself. It really stands out for me. 

Secondly, I would say all the time spent at the front side of The Place  (Flaxman Terrace entrance), when we hang out in between classes and rehearsals. So many moments, emotions and conversations have happened at that spot!

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

My plan is to stay in London, keep in touch with peers from The Place. I will try to survive with work at a café and at the same time reach out to contacts and hopefully be part of small dance/performance projects. The dream is to go back to the studio to work on a project with other dancers and perform on a stage again!

Thea Kallhed Möller / SHOWREEL from Thea Kallhed Möller on Vimeo.

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