Audrey Berger

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

A personal highlight at LCDS was choreographing a piece for the Music Collaboration module. This collaboration was reflective of my interest in the connections between music, movement, and narrative. It evoked my interest in how exploring themes relating to psychology, human behaviour and relationships could cultivate kinaesthetic empathy in my choreography.

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

I hope to take all that I learned through my dance education abroad back to the States, to pursue choreography, teaching, and gain in experience in arts administration back in the United States. Within choreography, I would like to continue collaborating with different artsits and delve deeper with exploring identity and intersectionality when creating work. My desire is to continue learning about the impacts dance education has on self image, and to actively take initiative in evoking change within the education system in order for dance education to create positive, nurturing spaces that celebrate the individual and are accessible to all. 

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