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Meet The Dancer: Sam Costello

We spoke to EDGE dancer Sam Costello.

Before joining EDGE, Sam completed three years of training at London Contemporary Dance School and graduated in 2017. 

You are touring the UK and internationally with 19 dates in 6 countries, what are you most looking forward to about this?

I’m looking forward to being able to explore new cities and meeting some of the people who work, live and dance there.

How do the different cultures in the company (Costa Rica, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, USA and the UK) come together? In which ways do you inspire each other?

In my opinion, the mix of cultures within EDGE is one of the company’s strongest features. People have been drawn from all over the world, come with their own strengths/skills and are bonded by a passion for dance. It is this passion and love for our shared artistry that inspires me the most.

You are working with four contrasting choreographers, what are the different ways of working and how do you adapt to each?

As a contemporary dancer, you are often expected to be able to work with a range of different choreographers and artists, so being versatile is a skill which any dancer needs. Each choreographer we worked with this year had a vastly different approach to creating work, for example with Phillipe Blanchard we improvised for the entire duration of his rehearsal period, never setting anything, whilst with Ben Wright we created, set and structured lots of different sequences.

What can audiences expect from the mixed bill?

A show which changes from piece to piece and is entirely unpredictable. In their own ways, each piece is tackling an idea within contemporary culture and making some sort of commentary on that. For me, the four pieces feel very relevant to the world today.

What do you hope to learn and achieve throughout the tour?

I am looking forward to learning about life on tour and the reality of performing a four-piece show for a long period of time.

What has the process taught you about yourself so far?

The process with EDGE has taught me that I enjoy creating new works, rather than just recreating or relearning pieces that have already been made. I enjoy working with different choreographers and getting to know their creative process and how it informs the work they create.

One of your performances in Portugal is dedicated to works created by yourselves, how does this add to your experience?

Being able to choreograph on a group of strong, talented and passionate dancers is rare for someone so early in their career, so the opportunity to choreograph on each is hugely valuable to us all.

How do you feel being a member of EDGE has helped to prepare you for professional life?

Working with EDGE has exposed me to a diverse range of talented creatives within the contemporary dance industry, from choreographers to dancers to technicians etc. The forging of this network will prove valuable in the continuation of my career. EDGE has also taught me to truly value my contribution as both a dancer and an artist, for this I am extremely grateful.

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