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Meet The Dancer: Fanny Pouillot

Fanny is originally from France where she studied dance in Normandy before training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur De Musique et Danse De Lyon (France).

You are touring the UK and internationally with 19 dates in 6 countries, what are you most looking forward to about this?

I am looking forward to performing the show so many times, seeing it develop and seeing how different audiences react or how we might be influenced by them. I'm excited to hear what the people think about the performance in the different countries we tour to - and I am very excited to go to warmer countries!

How do the different cultures in the company (Costa Rica, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, USA and the UK) come together? In which ways do you inspire each other?

Everyone has grown up in a different culture, but has also had a different education (in life, at school, in dance), and a different training (there is not a single person in EDGE who just trained in contemprary dance). All these elements create a very inspiring environment. It is obvious in the studio but also outside, and this openness is very precious. Sharing so much is warming for the eyes, the stomach, and the heart. 

You are working with four contrasting choreographers, what are the different ways of working and how do you adapt to each?

The four choreographers were very inspiring and extremely different to one another. Some ways of working would feel more familiar but it's good to work in a new way. Every choreographer used the company dancers quite a lot to genrerate material or ideas, therefore the creation processes were inclusive. 

What can audiences expect from the mixed bill?

Four very different atmospheres!

What do you hope to learn and achieve throughout the tour?

Reactivity as a performer, and confidence on stage

What has the process taught you about yourself so far?

The creation processes taught me that you are not one specific type of dancer for the rest of your life, whatever your training was you still grow and get a lot from the people around you: The dancers, choreographers, teachers and audiences around me have taught me more about myself than I have!

You will finish your tour with a residency in Portugal, teaching and developing new works with 150 young people aged 3 - 25 years, from the region. In which ways do you hope do develop from this collaborative experience?

I am looking forward to improving my teaching skills and to share what EDGE have been up to in the last few months, as well as getting inspired from a completely different group of people

One of your performances in Portugal is dedicated to works created by yourselves, how does this add to your experience?

It's an opportunity to experience the "other side" of the dance creation and work as a choreographer. Maybe some of us will go in this direction and this first sharing of work abroad is the perfect way to widen the knowledge we gain with EDGE. 

How do you feel being a member of Edge has helped to prepare you for professional life?

Being part of EDGE has prepared me as a dancer for performance experience, teaching and rehearsal skills, but it also teaches a lot for any sector: you have responsabilities, you work within a group and you are working towards the same goals for the best of the company. 

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