Alumni news: Adrienne Hart talks about her career and founding her dance company

12 Mar 2018

Artistic Director Adrienne Hart found her choreographic calling early, creating Neon Dance just one year after finishing training at London Contemporary Dance School in 2002. She was interviewed on Wonderful World of Dance ahead of presenting her work at Wild Card at Sadler’s Wells on 22 & 23 March.

‘I think a lot of people presumed I wanted to have a performance career – I was a more technical dancer. But during those 3 years – they go by so quickly when you’re training – I became increasingly interested in choreographing and making work and thinking beyond just myself as an individual dancer. I started thinking about the bigger picture. I would say there was a turning point in my second year when I started selecting courses and started to make work of my own.’

‘During my second year we had an opportunity to work with visual artists and to compose with them. This opportunity to be in the room with artists is so interesting, bringing in another disciplines and then seeing what happens when these two worlds collide. That really inspired me and I thought ‘wow, I want to continue doing this, finding ways of bringing artists together to create something that we couldn’t create alone’.  Adrienne Hart

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