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Mental Health Advisor Support

Our Mental Health Advisor provides students with a supportive space to discuss their mental health and wellbeing and what could help. 

Examples of the challenges students can discuss include: 

  • Having a mental health condition which is impacting your life and studies
  • Feeling that your mental health is worsening and affecting your studies and wellbeing.
  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or low. 

Support you can discuss with our Mental Health Advisor includes: 

  • Ways of managing your mental health condition during your studies, including accessing further support through Disabled Students’ Allowances. 
  •  Additional support available inside and outside the university, including counselling if appropriate. 
  • Reasonable adjustments to your course. 
  •  Steps to take to improve your mental health and ways to cope. 

Please email Student Wellbeing if you would like a to discuss support Mental Health Advisor support at LCDS.