Marta Hlín Þhorsteinsdottir

Marta Hlín was born and raised in Iceland. She has lived both in Copenhagen and Barcelona for the past five years where she finished her BA in Dance and has recently moved to London to pursue her MA. Coming from the isolated island in Scandinavia she thinks it is important to travel and explore dance, culture and art. With a very classical, technical dance training background, she is interested in investigating the multidisciplinary aspects of performing arts and evolving as an independent artist with a focus on choreography. Marta enjoys finding the humorous moments and pulling ideas out of proportion, indulging the ridiculousness of everyday life. Joining the DAP postgraduate programme allows her to further develop her artistic ideas, exploring new ways of putting those ideas into practice and hopefully opening opportunities of inspiration, collaboration, research and general curiosity. Developing as an artistic practitioner this year gives Marta the challenges, guidance, tools, support and excitement that she is looking for.