Lucie Palazot

As a dancer and performer Lucie has a background in contemporary dance. She likes exploring dance as a dense network of connections that prompts questions about interactions. She is particularly interested in the potential relationships created between dancer and spectator, alongside developing ways of working from a somatic perspective. She defines her dance practice as an infinite playground based on trust, confidence and empathy - values that our society needs and that she would like to share.

In the past year, she has danced for Elsa Lyczko with Les Yeux d’Elsa cie, Nathalie Pubellier with the MPAA, Julien Desplantez in Lourdes Dance Festival, and Lucile Rimbert with Danse en Seine Cie.

During this year at LCDS, she would like to explore the notion of presence through different devices, creating performance, video and sound design. As a performer, she is excited about interacting with other dancers through space, receiving their energy and transmitting it to the audience. 

Lucie graduated from Toulouse Business School with an MA in cultural management. She developed an interest in performances in classical music that put forward innovative mediations to attract new audiences. Following this idea, from 2015 to 2018 she worked as Production Director for Les clés de l'écoute, organising shows with orchestras and opera, and as Project Manager for Sonic Solveig, developing interactive music apps. Both companies were directed by the artist Géraldine Aliberti. Thanks to these experiences she had the opportunity to work with very different artists from music, drama, dance, lighting design, visual art and game design. Being part of this environment pushed her to pursue a professional career in dance, continuing to question the role of the audience in performative interactions.