Luca Braccia

Luca is an Italian dancer, teacher and young choreographer. Originally from Puglia, he studied dance in Rome at the National Dance Academy. As part of his dissertation Jiri Kylian: the choreographer chameleon, Luca was authorised by the Kylian Foundation to perform an excerpt of 27'52''. Luca has performed works by Merce Cunningham, Mauro Bigonzetti, Adriana Borriello, Fabrizio Monteverde, Carl Portal, Giovanna Velardi, Dino Verga, Enzo Celli and he is a postgraduate student of Contemporary Dance Teaching. Luca graduated from the National Dance Academy, Rome with a BA in Contemporary Dance.

As a choreographer, Luca has won awards including the Premio Claudio Abbado 2015 (Ministry of Education, University and Research). Luca has participated in the critical choreographic project of the Romaeuropa Foundation and has worked for Milan Expo 2016, Dance Continuum, Invito alla Danza Festival and Excursus Dance Company. He has represented Italy at Beijing Dance Academy with his work Fragments – Tribute to Jiri Kylian.