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Learning Support

What is Learning Support?  

Learning Support is offered to all students at London Contemporary Dance School. In addition, specialist support is available for students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLD), such as Dyslexia. This targeted support looks at a range of strengths and weaknesses associated with a confirmed diagnosis of an SpLD, usually in relation to the academic component of the degree programme.  

The Learning Support Coordinator works with students to establish good study skills, encourage productive habits, and overcome areas of difficulty in their learning. New students are encouraged to arrange an initial consultation with the learning support coordinator at the start of term to discuss your needs and barriers to your learning which you may face. 

Sessions may focus on: 

  • improving reading efficiency 

  • organising your ideas 

  • time-management 

  • putting research skills into practice 

  • note-taking techniques 

  • visual and multisensory learning  

How do I access Learning Support as a Student?

Students with appropriate evidence of their SpLD can arrange up to 10 full length sessions per year of specialist learning support in addition to any they are entitled from their Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs). All other students can access up to full sessions per year of general learning support. These sessions are often assignment focused and student led: students are encouraged to bring material from up-coming assessments to work on together. 

If you think you may have an SpLD, contact the Learning Support Coordinator once you begin your studies by emailing John Dunn, which is the first step towards getting a full assessment.