Laro Chien

My name is Laro. I'm from Taiwan. I graduated from Taipei National University of the Art. Now I'm 24 years old. I like dancing. But I am also interested in other things, such as movies, nature, cooking, drama, and animation! I truly love watching Japanese anime. They always inspire me a lot. They use their own way to tell people something important. I wish I could do it as well. To compare with my choreography, I have lots of experience in performing. For example, I've worked with Christophe Wavelet to represent "Continuous Project Altered Again" by Yvonne Rainer in 2017 and performed "Legacy" by Lin Hwai-min. So I know that it might be easier for me to keep dancing only. However, if I stay in a comfort zone for long that wouldn't push me to improve myself, right? I know that I am probably do not able to do it well, especially in English. But I just want to take a chance and dive in. Scared? Yes. But better than regret.