Karen & Allen Kaeja

Karen and Allen Kaeja are Co-Artistic Directors of Kaeja d'Dance. Their work is personal, highly physical, quirky and sensual, revealing stories, lives lived and risks taken. Since 1991, the company has received a cascade of awards for contemporary creations in dance performance, site specific works with extreme numbers of dancers and screen dance.

Having carved their own identity, Allen and Karen’s choreography sees the meeting of professional dance artists and real people in exclusive creative partnerships, in order to experience and perform dance. They recently received the CDA 'I Love Dance' Community Award at Canada's first national dance awards. The company tours live performance, dance film, mentorship equations, collaborations and in-demand education and outreach programs; bringing together exquisite dance artists and collaborators to infuse and exchange meaningful experiences both on and off stage in local and international communities. Kaeja d'Dance has presented work, exchanges and residencies across Canada, in the U.S, India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Israel, England and Scandinavia, with people of all ages and identities.


Concept and Choreography Allen & Karen Kaeja
Opening duet and final duet by Karen Kaeja
Centre section by Allen Kaeja
Created with and performed by Sara Augieras, Anna Borini, Luca Braccia, Sofia Casprini, Sam Ford, Josephine Haas, Joshua Herbert, Beth James, Yasmine Lindskog, Livia Massarelli, Giacomo Pini, James Rosental, Denis Santacana
Original score  Edgardo Moreno
Costume Frances Morris
Lighting Lucy Hansom
Rehearsal director Jeanne Yasko

Consumed = yearning, escaping and returning

Special thanks to the dancers for their attuned sensitivity and excellence, Edgardo and Lucy for their creative brilliance. Thank you to Jeanne Yasko for inviting us to work with this wonderful team and to Will Southworth. Thank you to Kaeja d’Dance staff and to Aniya and Mika.