Jo Cork

Jo Cork is an London based independent dance and film artist, exploring the human condition and our experiences to create her work. Having completed training at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in 2009, she has enjoyed working as a performer, choreographer and in dance education. She is interested in the territory between choreographic practice and film composition, where she explores ways to use digital formats of work to bring contemporary dance to broader and more diverse audiences. Her dance film, Sensate, toured festivals, screening at 15 events across Europe, America and Asia. She also won an international award for best film in category at Videomovimiento Festival in Colombia. Her follow up series of shorts, The Intersection Series, has been shown in venues and art gallery settings across the UK and Germany. Her most recent project, Calibrate, was funded by Arts Council England and has been supported by various dance organisations and universities in the UK. Jo is looking forward to sharing the work in a range of venues and settings over the next year.

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