Ilia Dergousoff

Ilia was born in Portland, Oregon, USA. From the age of four his family moved to British Columbia, Canada, where he spent the rest of his childhood. It was there he started dancing at the age of six. His training consisted primarily of ballet. He also trained in contemporary, modern, jazz, and musical theatre. Ilia is a 2017 graduate from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, where he had the honour of dancing in works by Paul Andre-Fortier, Danny Grossman, Christopher House, Allen Kaeja, Darryl Tracy and Apolonia Velasquez, among others. Since graduating, he has danced in Toronto with Company B, Jenn Edwards, Hit&Run Productions, Near&Far Projects, Lucy Rupert and Laurence Siegel. He has travelled around the world studying intensely with various artists. He has found a love for Counter-Technique and has been studying it passionately, undergoing several rigorous training programs in New York, Los Angeles, Montréal and Australia.