Hon Kit Chan (Ghost)

Ghost Chan is a programming analyst and has been trained in Computer Science. He gets tired of being trapped in the routine and fears of turning into a machine with the computer.  He found himself to be alive when dancing, then decided to come to London for MA.

Ghost Chan investigates the methods of applying logic to performance. Alongside visual elements, he is interested in using technology in spectatorship and algorithmic choreography. In terms of physicality, Ghost would like to explore spinal movements in different ranges, angles and qualities, as well as discovering his own way to move with full range in rapid tempo.

With FrancisJohn (Yuen Cheung Chan), Ghost Chan has founded The Devisers Company in 2017. They have been developing artworks of varying media, with dancers, actors and many others, through the mode of devised theatre. They have presented an original full-length work named "RLDU" in Hong Kong, August 2018, a documentary production of the two transiting from science into arts.