Greta Gauhe

The foundation of Greta's contemporary dance career was laid at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, and consolidated during a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre as well as a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Thanks to the exhilarating London dance scene, she gradually realised the boundless range of possibilities for dance artists. Greta loves to explore and develop what dance has to offer, both as a performer and choreographer; but she also has the desire to engage with the public and other artists. This eventually led her to establish her own dance company: The Follow Through Collective. The company collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multichannel experience for the audience. Her work draws attention to problems in our society and makes personal reflection tangible. They have performed our work at many festivals in the UK and Europe, for example Resolution, Emerge Festival, University of the Arts Berlin, Albany Theatre and the Camden Fringe Festival. In the meantime, she performed works by Matthias Sperling, Matta Sakka, Anna Williams, Marie Yagami, and has been a dancer at the theatre in Würzburg. For Greta, being an artist is a life-long process and informed by one’s experience as an individual and a member of society.

Her future aim is to investigate into site-specific works, moving away from the theatre setting. Recently, she became particularly fascinated by works in galleries or museums. She want’s to play with the proximity of the audience in unusual spaces, which opens up new choreographic possibilities. She chose the DAP Master to push her boundaries, to question her artistic choices, and to be influenced by the diverse range of tutors and other artists on the programme.