Grace Nicol

Grace Nicol's artistic practice has a particular focus on object-body relations and materiality, investigating juxtapositions and associations of objecthood and bodies to explore movement within socio-political contexts. The primary concerns of her work are place, gender and class boundaries. Due to these concerns, she often work with people of different ages and backgrounds. She is interested in dance as a form of community. She currently runs a female-led performance platform Woman SRSLY. To develop this practice further, Grace provides mentoring for female artists, currently mentoring on the MA programme at ArtEZ.

Her participatory work has included; The London Bubble’s ‘Creative Homes’ project with performances at the Albany, the InFlight and Diploma programmes at Wac Arts and one off workshops at schools and universities.

Grace has worked with Gabriele Reuter, Gabriele Brandstetter, Claudia Palazzo, Elliot Baker, Vanessa Cook, Danielle Russo, Felipe Moreira, Still House Dance Company and Jacky Lansley. Grace is currently an Associate Artist at Dance Research Studio, London. Her previous work has toured nationally and internationally, winning a Stockholm Fringe Young STOFF Award in 2015.