Flavien Cornilleau

When I think about myself, I can easily split my own into three different persons.

The old me was an actor for most of his life. He was working mainly into contemporary theater in France, but the trick is: he was stuck in silent parts. He was used by the directors for his presence on stage and his capacity to make alive those difficult characters. On his way, he met lots of dancers and choreographers who pushed him to realize his childhood dream: dance!

The newbie hit the floor of his new city recently. That one, still flabbergasted to be part of such an institution that is LCDS, discovers new people, new places, new techniques and craves to learn from all of those. 

The future me, on his new life, will probably perform as a dancer but he will also choreograph and work on installations. He will create around the questions of the softness, the journey, the encounter that changes everything and surely many more that are somewhere in my mind.

So, I might say: I was a speechless actor who is dying to see if he will become a talkative dancer and far more!