Finance & Student Services

Fees and Financial Assistance

London Contemporary Dance School, as an affiliate of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, has a fee structure for undergraduate students and a new scholarship scheme to offer financial support.

London Contemporary Dance School's education programmes are subsidised, and we have also put in place an extensive financial support package to ensure that we continue to admit the most talented students, irrespective of background. Your financial status will not affect how we view your application. You will be eligible for financial support as an undergraduate whether you are starting a course for the first time, or have a degree already.


BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance

£9,250 – UK/EU Students
£19,070 – International Students *

*There will be an increase in fees for undergraduate students in the second and third years of study.


PGDip Contemporary Dance (EDGE/Work-based Learning/DAP)

£6,820 – UK/EU Students**
£19,070 – International Students

MA Contemporary Dance (EDGE/Work-based Learning/DAP)

£9,000 – UK/EU Students**
£21,250 – International Students

**Part time students pro-rata

MA Screendance

£9,690 – UK/EU Students
£22,000 – International students

More information on the different sources of financial support available for all students can be found on the respective links on this page.

Some of the programmes at Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School are highly physical. The physical support team promote safe dance practice and advice on physical conditioning which help dance students to develop their own understanding of physical self-management. Despite this, from time to time dancers suffer injuries. London Contemporary Dance School offers a Physical Support Package that all students are required to purchase. There is an annual fee of £40 payable on registration / re-registration at the start of each academic year. Please read the full package document below to find out more. 

Physical Support Package 2020/21