Finance & Student Services

Exchange Students

LCDS is pleased to participate in exchange programmes with three institutions in the United States: California Institute of the Arts; Purchase College, State University of New York; and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

Citizens of the United States are not considered ‘visa nationals’ (someone needing a visa to enter the United Kingdom), and as such are typically able to enter the United Kingdom in a category known as ‘Student Visitor’. Individuals accepted to study on an LCDS exchange programme can confirm that they fulfil the necessary eligibility requirements for the ‘Student Visitor’ category, by exploring the website

Further Assistance

If you require assistance or would like further information about the studying at LCDS on one of our exchange programmes, please contact Student Support Services on 020 7121 1133 or send an email to If you wish to communicate via Skype, please send an email requesting an appointment to do so.