Finance & Student Services

EU Undergraduate Students

Tuition fees for London Contemporary Dance School are set by the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama. The Conservatoire’s tuition fees for all EU undergraduate students will be £9,250 per year for entry in 2019.

EU students joining a programme in 2019 will be treated the same as they are now, and for the duration of their programme.

If you are new to higher education, you will not have to pay anything upfront and you may be entitled to a discount on your fees or a bursary to help with costs.

Loan repayments

If you take out a tuition fee loan and/or a maintenance loan from Student Finance England, you will not have to repay anything until after you have graduated and are earning a minimum salary.

Key facts about repayments:

  • You won’t repay anything until you are earning £21,000
  • You will only repay 9% of what you earn above £21,000, ie if you earn £25,000, you will repay 9% of £4,000, which works out as £30 per month
  • After 30 years, the debt is written off
  • If you never earn over £21,000 you will never pay anything back
  • Student loans are not recorded on your credit rating file, ie this should not impact on your ability to get a mortgage

There is a table outlining what your loan repayments may look like on the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama website.

The MoneySavingExpert website has a useful summary of how student loans work.

For more information and to apply for financial support, visit the Student Finance England website.

When you apply, you may be asked to complete an interim income assessment form. This will help us to provide you with provisional information about any financial package for which you may be eligible. Where possible, we try to let all applicants to whom we offer a place know whether they will be entitled to a Scholarship, and what the minimum Scholarship would be, before they accept.

Other Financial Support

Students may also apply for:

  • Conservatoire Scholarships
  • a range of scholarships available to UK/EU undergraduates in the form of fee discounts which means your debt after graduating will be reduced. Scholarships are awarded on the bases of talent and/or financial and other circumstances, and can be worth up to £4,000 per year
  • Fund for Excellence Bursaries
  • cash awards for students, awarded to undergraduate students termly on the bases of need, and the efforts they have taken to mitigate that need.