Emily Adams

Emily is a half-English, half-Japanese dance artist from Essex. She enjoys working with contemporary improvisation in natural spaces. 

In 2019, Emily graduated from Middlesex University London with a BA (Hons) in Dance Studies: Choreography. There, she met the module of Dance on Screen and lecturer, Dominique Rivoal, whose teaching and guidance nurtured her creative process and revealed new ways of presenting dance. Emily’s passion for choreography transferred its medium from stage to camera. She is inspired by its endless possibilities; the change of location, the distortion of time, the fragmentation of the body.

Emily created an outdoor architectural dance work in collaboration with an Interior and Spatial Designer at Chelsea UAL. The collisions of their different fields strengthened her understanding of space and human behaviour. Her film Coalescence has been shown at 2Faced Dance’s Multi Story Youth Arts Festival 2020 and the artsdepot foyer, London (2018).