Elyssa Sena

What is one of the highlights of your time at London Contemporary Dance School?

Hmm, when you're at school Monday-Friday, 10 hours a day, including weekends, and live with your friends / fellow dancers... you make a lot of memories. Apart from being a Student Governor and learning the ways, all of the highlights I am parting LCDS with are the weird ones; the priceless contemporary dance moments that I will never get anywhere else. The unconditional love and support from just about everyone around the school, always. The flocking around a studio on day 1, to waking up and looking outside my window during quarantine to see one flatmate filming with a green screen, and hearing the other record herself singing Whitney Houston while smashing wine bottles in our bathroom- all for choreographic tasks. Later that day I hatched a friend while doing an Ostrich dance... only at LCDS...

What do you plan to do after graduating from London Contemporary Dance School?

This summer, I will begin training to work with my dream NGO, MindLeaps. Forever, it has been my dream to be a dancing doctor, and with this organization, and the addition of grad school, the dream is finally coming true. With MindLeaps, I will be using dance as a platform (backed by their psychological research that aligns with my neurological UG dissertation research) to transition vulnerable youth in Kenya, Rwanda and Guinea into an educational setting, as well as work in program development. 'The plan' is also to apply to MSc and PhD programs during this time, however, until then, the 'unplanned plan' is to travel the world, dance everywhere I can, and to keep dreaming big.

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