Eloise Mavronicholas

Born in London UK, Eloise is an artist with experience in performance, choreography, photography and film. Beginning with classical dance at just age five, in her late teens her focus shifted towards contemporary movement. She trained for her BA in contemporary dance at Roehampton University, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree. For the past three years she has being exploring how her differing disciplines of performance, photography, choreography and film can be aligned, to inform her decisions both aesthetically and intellectually; resulting in a vision uniquely her own. Her interest lies specifically in trying to use technology to redefine choreography. Eloise has an eye for installation art and how it can inform the digital age. She works mainly with improvisation film, by expression of oneself and the surrounding environment. Although she frequently films solo, her favourite films are ones of a collaborative nature. Currently, Eloise solely works with dance artists in the making of still, live and moving images. Her aim is to find her place within this niche industry, for her work to not only be displayed, but understood and integrated into daily life; thereby merging Screendance into an everyday notion, and creating a space for the idea that choreography, much like technology, is everywhere. 

Eloise is thrilled to be a student on the world’s only cohort of MA Screendance.